Periodontics and Prosthodontics 

Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, is linked to other health problems including heart disease, heart attack, and stroke, according to several studies. 

Believe it or not, the health of your gums affects more than just your teeth; it affects your whole body. 

What are the signs of periodontal disease?
  • Swollen gums
  • Red gums
  • Bleeding gums
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Bad breath
  • Mouth pain or sores
  • Loose or separating teeth
  • Receding gums
  • And more

Don’t Wait Before It’s Too Late

If you suspect you have periodontal disease, call us right away. Waiting too long can potentially lead to tooth loss or worse. We staff two experienced and friendly prosthodontists who can get you on a path to healthier gums. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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